Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So I decide this morning to head south into Croatia. At the border they could not find a stamp from me entering the EU or Britton. But they wave me on. I checked later as it is not wise to be examining your passport to much at a border. Did find it, but it is a little faint and mixed a little with a Belize stamp. Going to Croatia may have caused another border crossing issue in the future, but I will deal with that later.
I am in Croatia and wandering down the coast. Each town I find maps for biking in the tourist office for the next 10 to 20 k. Then I must find my own way to the next town. Tourist offices only cover their principality. This has been across Europe and it is rare that a tourist office has information for the next fiefdom. It is interesting that the former Yugoslavian members wanted to break apart, and now want to be part of the EU which is even bigger government.
So I stop in a tourist office and I am given a map of the camps. I ask if any camp is better for tent camping and she points put the full list of camps. I decide to try the first camp and find it is a naturist camp which was not on the map. You must be a member of the naturalist group to stay there if you are a guy. Next camp is also a naturalist camp.  No picture as these people are not the ones you want to see playing volleyball.  After a number of more miles I come to a regular camp that I can stay in.
53.6 miles 6:44 hr / max speed 31.3 / avg moving speed 7.9 / stopped time 3:15 / 1893 ft total ascent. (Sunny)
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