Saturday, August 21, 2010

St Michael

Ok I ended up on the electric train set heading to the Tamswag as that is as far as the train taking bike will go. Then it was up river for seven miles to Mauterndorf and I remember coming down this two days ago. Yes there was my bag. A quick check found even the cash. I thought there was $600 and ₤300, plus some random amount coins from various countries. I was wrong as there was $660 and ₤120, but it was months since I had looked in the money belt. Stopping at the tourist office map showed a hostel in town. Went down the short road it was on and saw no hostel. Talked to some people at one building and they did not know of the hostel. I went back the three blocks to the tourist office and the map show the building number to be the one I was talking to the people. Computer shows the next town has a hostel. Another ten miles and I find the hostel. It has been rented to a German group so it is not taking anyone else. The new plan is dinner then up the pass for a place to sleep. After 2 miles of 15% grade, I find the dirt road I had seen on the map. It has a sign “Gilt Auch fur” with a picture of a bike. I check my dictionary and the only word I can make out is “for”. Even the next day when getting it translated I not sure what it meant by “Applies also for”, as the other sign was about dumping. It is getting dark so I continued on up the dirt road and then up a side trail to find a nice spot to camp.


34.0 mile 5:08 hr / max speed 34.9 / avg moving speed 6.7 / stopped time 10:33 / 1885 ft total ascent. (sunny)

Love & kisses


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