Monday, August 23, 2010


I head south as I can see the mountains of Slovenia. Take a bike route that is there and then disappears several times. At the border the bike route becomes very nice. Slovenia has nice bike routes away from the road. Shortly after crossing the border the GPS maps need to be changed. I find that the GPS is showing me 20 miles west of where I should be on the GPS map. Try reloading the map but that does not fix the problem.. As I come up to the first town I look at a map on the side of the bike trail. I load the Italian map set and every thing works properly. Italy has very nice bike routes. The foot bridge over the bike path was a little excessive. I know we go fast, but… A review of the maps show me seven mile west of Slovenia. In Tarvisio I run into a brother and sister touring on cycles and they have found a cheap one star hotel so I get a room there also. Nearest official camping is 20k away ( in Slovenia).
29.2 mile 4:08 hr / max speed 25.3 / avg moving speed 7.0 / stopped time 5:06 / 1476 ft total ascent. (still sunny)
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Unknown said...

Hello Steve! This is Marco, one of the guys met in Tarvisio. Our holiday is over now. As you hoped for us, the win has been on our tails. Good luck for the rest of the trip! If you plan to pass in Northern Italy, near Torino, let us know - marcofgalli - at - gmail - dot - com!