Thursday, August 5, 2010


At seven I was on the road again as I did not think it wise to sleep in. Found the train station and the attendant told me I needed to use the machine in front of the station. It took five minutes to figure out how to get a ticket to Berlin. As I came around the station the train I just bought a ticket for departed. With help mainly from the other passengers I found out that the next train was in two hours. I did not miss the next train to Berlin. In Berlin I cruised up and down the escalators ignoring the small no bike stickers. First I went to information and then to ticketing to get a ticket to Karlovy Vary, Czech. They told me I could not pre book my bike and it was up to the conductor. Two hours later the train arrives and I do not see any cars marked for bikes and the conductor tells me no bikes are allowed. When I ask about the next train he says no also. Back up the escalators and to ticketing. I explain the situation and the person at ticketing checks and then said there are no trains to Karlovy Vary that can take bikes. Then she sits there with a blank look on her face for a minute starting at the screen of her computer. I take this as a bad sign. Ask for my money back and hop on the bike and head south. Bike route does take me along where the wall used to stand. I get to the edge of the city and look for a station which can get me south. Third station along the same line I can get a train to Dresden. I arrive at Dresden at 9 and look for a hostel. My guide book has one good recommendation and I also have a list Germany hostels that I picked up earlier in my travels. Yes I had time to go through papers I had collected while waiting for trains. All the hostels were across town in the same area. With a little wandering I found the second choice and they had a room.
47.9 mile 5:33 hr / max speed 77.3?? / avg moving speed 10.4 / stopped time 4:31 / 793 ft total ascent. (Evening rain)
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