Thursday, August 12, 2010


I started the day wandering the medieval streets of Cesky Krumlov. The town is in a large river bend which surrounds the old town. It has a nice castle overlooking the town. Watch some of the boaters run a Czech rapid. Most of the boats made it. I then headed up river passing an endless stream of boaters. I think they are Austrians fleeing their county or just trying to invade again. I came across a monastery that was a castle. As I neared the border I decide to take the route that was suggested on the map that followed the border to the west. The route was very vertical. Note to myself that mountains are where countries at times have dividing lines. The views were great. At the border had to change GPS maps and found a pen had exploded in my front bag and in the camera case. I spent an hour removing ink. Also dump other pens I got with this one. Saw a bike route marked going my direction so I followed those roads. There are more hills as this is Austria and they have a few. Camp in the city park as that was the local camp ground. I had the camp to myself with tennis players next door.
43.6 mile 5:53 hr / max speed 35.3 / avg moving speed 7.4 / stopped time 5:00 / 2600 ft total ascent. (Evening light rain just as I hung laundry out to dry)
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