Friday, August 6, 2010


As I started south in the morning the rain started.  It was a nice heavy rain soaking me.  I keep going.  As I departed Dresden I headed up a bit of a hill.  At the top it looked like the best way on was through a park.  I ended up on a trail going straight down.  At the bottom it dropped into peoples back yards.  I ended up carrying the bike down some stairs and then around a house to get to the road. Yes along German roads there are signs about science.  At around six I try another GPS feature I found out about the night before is that it has hostels location in it.  I pick one six miles away and have the GPS lead me to it.  Looking off the road into the field with no side road I see no hostel in the driving rain.  The new boots are not water proof.  I continue on head to the town the hostel name is attached to.  Looking at the map in front of the tourist office there is no reference to a hostel/Jugendherberge.  Decide to eat at the Kebab shop as I am heading for some woods to camp.  As I am waiting for the pizza I see on there map that shows a hostel is listed for the town.  I ask and they give me direction to it.  As it is nine I get the pizza to go and head the 3k to the hostel hoping they are still open.  They are open and after checking in, they ask if I want a beer.  He was surprised I only order one.  I love youth hostels.
55.9 mile 7:21 hr / max speed 28.7 / avg moving speed 7.6 / stopped time 2:54 / 3755 ft total ascent. (rain) 
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