Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Got an early start and continued south. As the sites to see were limited I took a more direct route south. As evening approach I was only 10 miles from the ferry. That is when the heavy rain hit. Denmark wanted me to remember it I assumed as I was soaked getting on board the ferry. Ferry departed at 9 and it was 2 hour crossing to Germany. As I was waiting to board the ferry I found out it landing at Rostock. Yes I bought a ticket and did not know which city it was going to. Ferry port was a ways out of town. Found a map and directions to the bike route to town. I thought the 6 mile was going to be easy until I hit the cobblestone road. It was only a mile, but it did loosen all my joints up. Could see search lights from the city as I approached. I thought we stopped bombing it years ago. In Rostock could not find any maps showing where hostels could be. So I headed out of town on a bike route. The bike map showed groves of trees only they were a goods way out of town. I went for them and was rolled up in my tarp at 3:30.
108 mile 10:37 hr / max speed 26.9 / avg moving speed 10.2 / stopped time 4:11 / 2250 ft total ascent. (Evening rain)
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