Saturday, August 7, 2010


More rain as I try to leave Germany with wet boot and cloths. The visibility is less than a 100 yards. Working my way south I am reading a map next to the road and realize if I cross the bridge next to the road the map on the other side is in Czech Republic. I continue south over hill with marking for view points on road side maps but I can only see 50 yards at times. More hills and then I drop in to a large Czech valley which I can start to see some blue sky and the rain is letting up. I work my way to a train station and book a train to Karlovy Vary. Waiting for the train I start reading the guide and notice that Karlovy Vary is not the town that I was remember I wanted to travel to. Then I see a little box with a description of Loket. Only 14k further. About 5 mile from Loket the road is being blocked of to traffic and there are people camping in the fields by the road. They let me through and there is a festival. Not good sign for finding room in the hostel. Head into town and the recommended hostel where there is a phone number listed. I have no phone. Some people leaving the hostel say there is room and try sending a text message to the owner, but the phone network is having issue. I hang out till after 10pm as the note in the window says he will be there then. Tried emailing and sending text messages, but get no response. As I head out of town a guy on a bike tells me of a camping place down by the river with boaters. I cruise the 3k there. I find the owner in the crowd and then find a spot for my tent. The bar is closed, but they sell me beer anyway. There is a group sing folk song. Later I fall asleep to Czech folk songs as I cannot keep up with the crowd.
44.5 mile 6:14 hr / max speed 30.7 / avg moving speed 7.1 / stopped time 6:04 / 3028 ft total ascent. (Rain and fog clearing in the evening)
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