Sunday, August 22, 2010


As I work my way up the hill on deer trains I ran into a mushroom hunter just above where I camp. I wave to him and he wonders on. I am taking a more direct way south as I had already traveled the other routes. There is only 2 more miles of 15% grade to the top. Then dive down into the next valley and head down rive for a good ways. Then I find another bike route which takes a scenic route over the mountains. Another day of sun is hard to believe. As I pull into Villach I blow the chain. It is just the quick link that went, so in ten minutes I am back on the road. The hostel in town has a room.
62.8 mile 7:04 hr / max speed 40.8 / avg moving speed 8.9 / stopped time 5:04 / 1799 ft total ascent. (still sunny)
Love & kisses

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