Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nove MesteckoNove Mestecko

7:30 seems to be the time others wake in camp, so I was up. I was off to view castles today in full touring mode. Roads at times were lined with apple trees. There was the row of saints. They also displayed sculptures in the castle grounds most did not fit the surroundings. This sculpture I call bench. Another castle had two towers connected by a raise walkway that had draw bridges at both ends. They were teaching the kids good skills.
So I started early planning to find camping. Pulling into camp there are rows of wooden cabins surrounding an unmowed plaza. The first impression was it was a stalag. I follow what other people camping did and departed. A few miles down the road I found where the campers were camping.
53.4 mile 7:03 hr / max speed 76.1 / avg moving speed 7.6 / stopped time 3:07 / 3268 ft total ascent. (Evening light rain)
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