Sunday, August 8, 2010

Konstantinovy Lazne

The next morning I notice I was camped across some flagging that one group had fence off for them selves.  They were older and kept scowling at me.  I hope I ruined their day.  They seem the type that will send a vehicle ahead claiming a large area for themselves early in the day and when the other boaters who carry there gear show up they are crowded into a small area.  I was off wondering to the south with wet boot and cloths.  It is a Sunday and so only some things are open.  
One hill had a tower built to enjoy the view.  I came across the Moto Museum, but I could not bring myself to see it as I have heard rumors that years ago people put motors on bikes.  Which would bring up the question why am I peddling so much.  I have been thinking about this guy who straps on a wing with small jet engines.
  I could just strap one engine on the back of the bike.  What could go wrong with a jet engine inches from my behind.  Training video:
 At five I start looking out for camping and see none.  At eight I head into a bar and get directions to the next town that has camping.  The camp ground is open and even has internet.
54.9 mile 7:20 hr / max speed 34.6 / avg moving speed 7.5 / stopped time 5:07 / 3909 ft total ascent. (Evening light rain) 
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