Monday, August 30, 2010


There may be snow in the mountains

I see the sea

I took a road through the rolling countryside to Koper.  In Koper I as I was hanging out in the main square people started hurrying as storm clouds approached.  I took the hint and start to look for a nice place to hang out under cover.  The rain started quick and heavy I had not gotten to their big mall.  Ended up finding a over hang in front of some businesses.  It turned out that there was a café there so I had a nice place to waited out the storm.  Riding along the coast I found that cars get a guard rail while bikes get a drop to the rocks and then into the sea.  At Piram a medieval town wander the narrow winding streets of town and found the hostel down one without to much searching. Medieval towns have narrow winding streets and walkways, Pieces of the old town wall and gates, and maybe a castle.  There is no plan for streets but churches tend to be next to the main plaza or square (have not seen one that was square).  Streets are wind and cars squeeze down the wider ones.   Most cars are kept out as the town.   I enjoyed some good food and a nice sunset.  Then off to try to find the street the hostel was on. 
52.3 miles 7:08 hr / max speed 35.8 / avg moving speed 7.3 / stopped time 6:44 / 2914 ft total ascent. (Rain in the afternoon) 
Love & kisses

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Cinderella Servranckx said...

Steve, sorry to be so punctual, but now I have made my bike trip I wonder: are your average speeds the speeds diveded only by high and low speeds? I guess so... But I asked before and then I understood it was an outcome of all: total stops, high speed and low speed.